Mechanical Tsar

Yet Another RussNet App

One of the many challenges that the Yet Another RussNet project is trying to manage is the creation of new synsets, i.e. the sets of synonyms representing a single concept.

In order to create new synsets from scratch without shocking the volunteers with complex user interfaces, the lexical subsitution approach (Biemann, 2013) has been adopted and implemented as a mobile application.

Yet Another RussNet for Android

Technically, this application is nothing but a Mechanical Tsar client that fetches tasks from the remote server and pushes back the answers. Suggestions and contributions are very welcome.

Interestingly, the application is implemented in Kotlin with Anko. Please note that it does require careful testing at the present moment.

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Updated: October 13, 2016. The paper Sense Inventory Alignment Using Lexical Substitutions and Crowdsourcing has been published.